1. Inspection – Our skilled technicians will do this for you and our experience ensures that we will never buy a bad piece of equipment, but if you prefer to inspect and test the machine yourself or send your own mechanic then we will give every assistance: we believe that the transaction should be as open and transparent as possible. Whatever you decide you can rely on us to support you in every way.
  2. Dismantling – Our professional teams of engineers are expert in dismantling and loading machines in the most professional way to ensure safe transport and a trouble-free installation. Whether it’s a short road journey or an inter-continental sea shipment, every machines will be dismantled professionally, secured and packed to guarantee that it will arrive safe and in first class condition at your print shop.
  3. Transport – The long-term relationship we have with our transporter and agents all over the world guarantee the most safe and economical way to bring your machine to your facility.
  4. After Sales Service – Whether you arrange installation yourselves or ask us to handle the project for you we can give you the best possible after-sales support.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a complete service from inspection of the equipment to installation and running in production at your company.

Everything we do is designed to help you make money and keep the machines we supply working profitably and reliably in your facility.

So please give us the chance to translate our promises into action. You won’t be disappointed.

Important note:

Our services and offers are exclusive.
We are not broking machines from other dealers!
We have machines directly and exclusive from printing companies or from stock. Part of our services are buying-selling,  consulting, evaluation, conveying, dismantling, transport and reinstallation etc..

All offers are without engagement and “subject to prior sale” unless otherwise stated or agreed with our customers.