Manroland R 704 LV Direct Drive

Machine information

167 mill.

740 x 1040 mm.

Direct Drive System
APL (Automatic plate change)
Inline Color Pilot
Select Cleaning System-Impression cylinder wash-up, device Brush type all printing units and the coating module
Combination device “beta.c” for inking unit temperature control and dampening solution cooling device, make TECHNOTRANS.
Preparation for connection to water - glycol recooling system. (external recooling device included)
Select Antistatic Ionization system brand ELTEX on the feeder and delivery
Equipment for basic device IPA package
ROLAND Exhaust Station, powder extraction
Select Air Station for the pumps
Selectink Supply-Automatic ink supply system ink.line make TECHNOTRANS
Algorithimic learning software
Quick change Air, automatic air controls
Quick change Jobs
Intercom at the feeder and delivery
Tele Presence
Select Dryer IR - TR
House air supply preparation (No air compressor)
Quick change clamp bars on the coating module
Quick change coating
OK – Balance
Several supply racks and cleaning station

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