F&V Multi Convert IML 850 P1069

Machine information

Feldbaum & Vogt
Multi Convert IML850 P1069

400 x 800 mm.

Punching line for IML labels
Feldbaum & Vogt
Type: Multi Convert IML850 P1069
Acquisition probably. 2014
Year: 2013
Web width: 400-850 mm
Roll weight: max. 700 kg
Roller Ø: max. 1,000 mm
theoretical web speed: up to 100 m - min.
minute Cylinder circumference at 24 inches: 609.6 mm
Max. Cylinder circumference at 48 inches: 1,219.2 mm
smallest usable length: 100 mm
Material thicknesses: 20-200 μ, unwinding: max. 1,000 mm,
with vacuum transport table
2 magnetic cylinders
Screen control F + V
Stamping tool manufacturer: Kocher & Beck,
Machine hours Life: 456 h, Bh: 63 h
Winder with control
Railway preference # 1 with control
Web Guiding
Punching unit with integrated platform # 2 with control
Counter punch cylinder 30 "
Magnet cylinder Cylinder circumference 24 "
Magnet cylinder Cylinder circumference 36 "
Grid advantage with winding
De-winder for rewinder
Vacuum conveyor belt
Aufschuppband with control
Antistatic system with control

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